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Aug 19, 2016 · August 19, 2016 August 19, 2016 by ByLuke, posted in Color Changeable Bodies, Hoodies Hey guys. This is a color changeable body so set transparency when uploading.

Bodies. If you decide to edit these and upload it to your site-please give credit to the people who worked on these if it is not a major edit! I edit all of these uploads, though I did leave the watermarks on smaller edits! You do not have to set transparency on these bodies unless they have a colored...
I play Graal Era and Zone, and I enjoy doing arts for others . Via is our other amazing gfx artist, who I loveeee so much! Please give us credit and whoever else’s heads we use! Click on the other pages to explore the different types of things we’ll be posting! We hope you enjoy!! Thank you for visiting
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recoloring and possibly making graal era customs. yes, yes that is a new header and may i say… it is fab-u-lous ;] muahaha anyways besides dat. i will b posting some heads this week i promise ;D because i havent posted any in quite a while :c so sowwy.. been busy, as usual ._.
Malvavisco Kawaii. Hola bienvenidos a mi pagina web: Soy Malvavisco. Le voy a estar compartiendo mis ediciones de head y bodies Para consultar por una edicion: email: [email protected] Mi Nickname en graal es: Malvavisco
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Nov 25, 2020 · hey guy’s here’s some edits i’ve done, and old personals i don’t use or tried it and didn’t like it. btw my name is yezi not tiffany, tiffany was my old graal name lol and that’s why the site name is tiffany gfx i chose tiffany bc it was my favorite color at the time tiffany blue but now it’s lavender haha so that’s a backstory also credits to everyone i forgot where half of ...
Heres an edit of that free head in Era that I always use . Creds to: Lily, the original owner of the body & me (Disclaimer- I did not edit the body I just thought it would be cute with the head + it is cc!)
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  • – Feel free to upload, edit, recolor any of the graphics I post here, as long as you don’t remove watermark when you are doing any of the listed.When editing, as long as the head looks nothing like the original, or is an “actual major edit” ( different hair, different eyes, different style , all are needed ) you may remove the water mark!
  • Sep 16, 2016 · Heads, Bodies, Recolors, Shields for Graal Era and much more!
  • Jul 24, 2019 · Where cute graal creations are made~ YEEDLE YEEDLE LEE. YALL KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS. THE BEST. HEYOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Well actually it isn’t quite August 6th yet, but it’s the site’s anniversary :^
  • Directions: 1. Click on any head. 2. Right click and press save as. 3. Now you have the image to upload to Graal. AND, feel free, to do any recolors or edits that you like on paint.net.
  • <body background=[any .png/.gif file from graal, like mine that i make... era_personal_shield_4550606-133.gif which is snowflakes falling... ie: <body background also a trick for the transparent colored backgrounds which make like... use the code <body bgcolor= and then instead of a color, type #(any...

Go to the graal upload website. From there, you type your email, insert file, click the type of upload, and depending on how it was made set transparency. From there the upload will be looked at by the admins to see if its ok. When it does, your game should have a pop up asking if you wanted to purchase the upload. Click yes and you should receive it.

~If you want an EDITED head/body~ State the website the head/body is from. And what date the head/body was posted. State what edits you want on the head Give me your graal name and guild(s) name. And say please and thank you ~If you want a MADE head(I can’t do bodies yet, sorry ;-;)~
Best uploads and guides about Graal Online Classic! Menu. Home Page; Bodies (boys) Bodies (girls) ... How can we get the codes for the girls bodies. Reply. Mkzinha ... Hey guys if there is still people on this site… i will try to start posting more i haven’t really been on graal in a while but i’m back on mostly era so hmu my name is jade don’t be shy, feel free to pm me whenever. Oh i’m also doing request.:

GraalOnline Era Image Upload. Device ID: (found in the feedback menu) Image File: File Type: Head Body Personal Shield Public Shield Gang Logo. All body creds to qwerty I did not edit them or make any changes. ... -Graal Uploads and Random Stuff-caramelandbeargfx. graal online uploads.

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Apr 15, 2017 · I updated the post “Aquí” please check it :))). I put in my personal head with the glitter blink if anybody wants it. If any one of you have seen me on graal and want one of my personals or whatever just ask (I have a lot btw).